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Fussypants and the Dentist

Fussypants had his first dental appointment today and I am happy to announce that it went exceptionally well. It could have gone either way…which is exactly what I wrote on the New Patient Form when I got to Question #3 “How do you expect the patient to handle today’s visit”. My check-box choices were Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, you get the idea…so I overrode the check boxes and wrote in “It could go either way”. I hope that Dr. Judy appreciated my honesty.

Because really, the only knowledge Fussypants had of the dentist prior to this visit was from watching Finding Nemo and that scared the c.r.a.p. out of him.
Plus, for some reason (cough*husband*cough) Fussypants was under the impression that the dentist is an anti-thumb sucking meany. By the way, whenever Fussypants is told that he shouldn’t suck his thumb, his standard answer is always, “but I like to suck my thumb” (and my heart aches just a little, every time).

So, it could have gone either way but thankfully it went exceptionally well. His chiclets looked great, no cavities, he didn’t balk at having them cleaned by a stranger wearing gloves and he didn’t flinch or gag during the x-rays. He did get a bit annoyed that the light was in the way of the TV but with a small scoot all was righted. As for the thumb-sucking, Dr. Judy wasn’t a meany at all. She says around 4 is when he really should quit so he at least has a few more months of that comfort.

When we left he got a new toothbrush packet, he chose purple (Go Kings Go) and got to pick a toy out of a huge toy bucket. It was such a positive, fun experience that I’m thinking of switching dentists now myself, as mine doesn’t even carry magazines from this decade.



  1. Wow! Sounds like he did amazing!! That's awesome! I remember needing to be seriously sedated to make it through my dentist appointments. I absolutely hated it!! Ugh! I still am not the biggest fan but at least my dentist now here in LA is one of my friends. : )

  2. Yeah, I feared the worst but he was so good!!!! Hopefully your dentist treats you well. I have never had an issue with the dentist and I am 40 and cavity free!!

  3. Good job, Fussypants! But, what was dad thinking?

    I have only had 4 cavities in my life and so I don't fear the dentist. I hope it's the same way with LMW.

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