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Little Miss Pics

Little Miss does not like to be left in her swing or bouncy chair when we are eating dinner, she wants to be at the table with us so we got the high chair out of storage (i.e., out from under the bed) and cleaned it up.

Hunky hubby noted that it looked brand new and Fussypants announced that he didn’t remember ever sitting in it.

Both of which make sense because Fussypants hated the high chair so it was not used much.

However, Little Miss seemed to like it, so the chair is back in rotation.

Another fun milestone, Little Miss figured out how to stick her tongue out and blow raspberries. And in doing so, she is quite pleased with herself.

So far, so good.



  1. Oh cute! I remember when Lucas learned to stick out his tongue. It's definitely one of those important and fun milestones. : )

  2. Lucas doesn't like sitting his high chair either. Never has, but has to a aprt of the action so we end up eating dinner at the bar, while he's in his bar seat, with me next to him and Todd standing up on the other side in the kitchen. Not pretty.

    Hee hee that sounded funny… bar seat.

  3. I was always really lax when it came to where we ate (Lance alwyas said we should eat at the table)but now that MZK is older, and obsessed with TV, it's much more important to me that we eat our meals at the dining room table, otherwise, MZK will not focus on his food and since he takes f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to eat, focus is key!

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