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The Sweet Tooth Strikes Again

Sometimes, the temptation is just too great.

Having candy corn in the house is tempting, having candy corn in the house inside a giant bowl with a spooky hand that cackles and moves when triggered by motion is beyond tempting.

So tempting, in fact, that Fussypants wound up in trouble with Capitol T.

Fussypants is obsessed with trying to sneak a candy out of the bowl without making the hand move. It’s like a game to him. So on Friday night, as he was hovering over the bowl, I told him he cannot have a candy until after dinner, to which he replied he wasn’t sneaking candy, he was just trying to make the hand move. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and left him to it.

Whatever I was doing (I am sure it was of the utmost importance) took me out of the kitchen for a few minutes and when I returned, hunky hubby was home and Fussypants was hiding in the pillows on the couch. With tots, sh*t happens fast sometimes.

So naturally, Hubby asked him what he was doing. He replied nothing, clearly with a mouth full of something. When prodded, he said he was eating candy and when asked who told him could have a candy before dinner, without hesitation, he said Mommy.

I’m not always against candy before dinner, but since I had expressly told him no candy a few minutes prior, I had to expose his fib. 

We don’t lie in our household, so he wound up in his room on a time-out, and he threw himself one heck of a tantrum about it. But lesson learned, the next day, after lunch, he politely asked if he could have a candy instead of just sneaking one for himself.

Of course, when I queried about dinner, his answer was can I just have candy?

He is sure to haul in some major candy loot on Halloween, so I expect the sweet tooth battle to rage on for weeks. But maybe I’ll put the super tempting, scary hand, motion triggered, candy bowl away early.



  1. Oh I really cannot stand candy corn!Ugh!

  2. I LOVE candy corn and had my fair share at your house last week. I can't have any sweets around my house or Todd and I will devour it! Luckily, LMW hasn't had any yet, but I dread the day…

  3. I waited forever to introduce sweets to MZK so hold off as long as you can because once they have a taste, they'll want more and more! :)

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