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What I did on my “summer” vacation

Summer 2010…

I had a baby (a beautiful, sweet, snugly baby)
I celebrated my brother’s wedding
I turned 40
I :
- went to the beach, legoland, Del Mar, various parks
- spent time at the pool
- lunched with friends
- had several playdates
- took Little Miss on TWO flights before she was four months old
- roadtripped with the family to Santa Cruz
- read books
- watched movies
- napped
- went a concert
- went bowling
- enjoyed spa days
- and I am sure I am forgetting something…

Essentially, all fun and no work made me a VERY happy person.

I also lost almost all my baby weight (two lbs to go, 5 lbs to my goal weight) and started the P90X 90 day program (I’m on week 3) to get fit. It’s a major ego boost, being able to fit into clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in over a year.

But the best thing I did was spend time with my family, and not just my husband and kids. I also spent time with my mom & dad, my brother & his new wife, my aunt & cousins, my sister-in-law & mother-in-law and my bio-family. I even had the chance to catch-up with friends that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. It was so nice to make real connections with the people I love.

All in all summer 2010 was rejuvenating.

And now I am in the middle of my second week back at work but thanks to my awesome boss, who made my return to the grind easy and stress-free, it’s been fairly painless. Having to get up early isn’t ideal but really, the worst part about going back to work is having to wear “real” shoes – not flip-flops or running shoes.

So far, so good!



  1. Wow, great list! Your summer makes my summer seem completely empty and boring!

  2. You're back!! Yay! I have missed your musings. I'd said you had yourself a very busy little perfect summer, missy.

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