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You Know Your A Mom When-sDaze

You know you’re a mom when…

  • You could conduct your staff meeting while pumping and it wouldn’t faze you in the least (you don’t do it but you know you could).
  • It’s a few days before Halloween and you don’t have a costume for your 5 month old 2nd child but your 1st child had two costumes for his 1st Halloween by the end of September.
  • You call your husband by your son’s name and your son by the dog’s name and the dog by your son’s name and sometimes just resort to calling your daughter Baby.
  • You completely forget that you have a Mom’s Group playdate at the park you love, but randomly show up anyway.
  • You anxiously count down the minutes in the hour until you can have your next glass of mommy juice (one drink an hour when breastfeeding, per lactation nurse) but sometimes flub it a bit. Shhh, don’t tell.
  • You’ve become a pack-mule with all the crap you have to carry; baby bag, pump, toddler backpack, snack bag, purse, laptop…
  • It takes you over an hour to realize you left the house and forgot to blow-dry your hair.
  • You have a conversation with another mommy friend and you both agree that you’d rather change poopy diapers then deal with baby barf, when really, neither of those things should make your list.
  • You find that you can wear the baby in the Bjorn and carry your toddler, if needed.
  • Your heart melts every single time your 3.5 year old makes your 5 month old giggle and even though you’ve got a ton of that interaction on video, you always reach for the camera again.

Got a list of your own? Play along! -You Know You’re a Mom When-sDaze at Mommy of a Monster.



  1. Glad you're participating… this is one of my favorite memes.

    I love that we had the conversation about poppy diapers vs. barf. Barf is just nasty!

  2. Barf is so yucky and gets a chain gagging reaction going with me…weird how barf can make you barf!

    I decided to play along this week because I had several mommy-moments! ;)

  3. I too would rather clean up a poopy diaper than barf any day. And wow, you are Super Mom, carrying baby in the bjorn and also holding onto a 3year old! YIKES! : )

  4. i figured out i could have baby girl in the bjorn and carry mzk when he conked his head at the park and had a meltdown…i didn't have the stroller because we had to park and walk down stairs but i worked it out!

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