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Goodtimes with Laundry

 My mom says my “house generates laundry out of thin air”, and while it is true (and frightening) that the laundry task is never-ending, a more disturbing phenom is when you wash something you should not. With an almost four year old in the house, it’s a daily occurrence to find items stashed in his pockets so checking them for rocks, toys, rubber bands, money, candy (seriously, in that order) has become second nature but what I didn’t check were his pjs.

Fussypants has been potty-trained for a long time now and since he was dry throughout the night for months and months, we stopped putting him in nightnight pull-ups. Well, he wet his bed (and ours once) four times since I went back to work and that was four times too many (changing a half-asleep, whiny, wet child in the middle of the night, when you are already getting up to nurse the other child really sucks), so we started putting him in a pull-up again, just to be safe.

Well, he wears GoodNites Boy’s Underwear (the tag line is that they “look and fit more like underwear” which is a big bunch of whatever…they look and fit like a pull-up but with cooler graphics (sharks and motocross).

But I can attest that they are truly absorbent and the reason I know this is because one ended up in the wash. Of course, now that we spent money on pull-ups again, Fussypants has been dry every night and he must have removed the pull-up when he took his pjs off and then put the pjs/pull-up combo right into the laundry basket.
And because we generate so much laundry, I sort like this: Whites and everything else. So I just scooped all the non-white clothes up, filled the laundry to the brim and started the washer, never bothering to check if there was anything in the pj pants (’cause really, why would I).
When I went to put the clothes in the dryer there was this white, almost clear, semi-sticky gelatinous goo on everything, it looked like snow on the inside of the washer. And for the life of me I could not figure out what it was. So I had to take everything out and that is when I found a ginormous pull-up…it must have absorbed the quantity of Lake Michigan. It was so heavy, I had to use both hands to carry it to the trash and I am on week 6 of my P90X tapes (bring it). Anyway, some of whatever clever technology they use for the absorbency in the absorbent part of the pull-up somehow escaped and got all over everything. I had to wipe the entire washer out, shake out the wet clothes over the trashcan, then rewash everything.

Good times, good times.



  1. I have often wondered what would happen if one washed a diaper. Now I know. Thanks. Sounds like a big mess!

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