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Liquid Gold

It’s a game of letdown roulette, double down, pumps at the ready.
Always a gamble if anything will flow.
Stay hydrated, and relax. Ha!
It’s the pits, boss, but a necessary evil.
kaching! kaching! kaching! kaching! kaching! kaching!
The machine drones.
Finally hitting the jackpot, liquid gold flows.
Winner winner, chicken dinner, sweet relief, how many more hours until it’s time to pump again?

Written for Word Up, Yo!

This week’s words are Vegas-themed: kaching!, jackpot, winner winner, chicken dinner, roulette, double down, gamble, pit boss
Three ways to play:
Natalie from Mommy of a Monster
Liz from a belle, a bean and a chicago dog
Kristin from Taming Insanity



  1. Very clever!! I like it :)

  2. Thanks! I feel like I am obsessed with pumping/nursing these days but then I realize that it is constantly on my mind because it takes so much time of every day. The joys of mommyhood!

  3. I tried commenting on this last week and couldn't from my phone.

    I love it… so clever.

    I always forget about this meme, but it's a good one.

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