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My little linguist

Fussypants like to make up words and then tell us they are “Spanish”. He does know a few in Spanish: manzana, hola, gracias and the first 10 numbers.

Last night he started singing Feliz Navidad (one of the songs his school is singing in the upcoming Christmas pageant).

Then, after he had been in bed for almost an hour, he got up, walked down the hall and announced, “I want to take the class that teaches me Spanish”.

Obviously he’s been thinking about it. And since his little mind is a sponge, I’m going to sign him up. I found a Preschool Spanish class through our city. It starts in January. Maybe he can even teach me a few things.

So far, so good…



  1. Que bueno!!

    Yay for MZK and for you for finding a class for him so quickly.

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