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Strike a Pose

For one so young, Fussypants sure is a character. Whether he is a Viking Dragon Slayer, a Hockey player, or a Pirate, his quiver of eclectic imagination provides hours of entertainment. 

Yesterday, he once again simultaneously surprised me and made me laugh. I think he was a dragon. Or a super hero. Or maybe one of the cats from Cats? It’s possible he was just moved to strike a pose. When asked, he gave a look like we should just know, so I didn’t press him for more of an explanation, I just enjoyed the show.

Happy Friday!

Written for Word Up, Yo! This week’s word is Eclectic. Play along at Mommy of a Monster.



  1. I love his zest for life! He takes his poses very seriously, and couldn't care less that he is in a public place while doing it.

  2. I love these photos… what hams!

  3. Daddy wants his son to be an athelete but he might just end up on the stage! I suppose he can do both, and as long as Fussypants is happy, I don't care what he does! :)

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