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Viking Fever

Thanks to the movie How To Train Your Dragon, Fussypants thinks he is a Viking Dragon Slayer.

Friday night, he charged me in the hall, brandishing his sword and wearing his Knight helmet. When I asked him if he was playing Knights he said “no, I’m a Viking”.

So naturally I asked him why he wasn’t wearing his Viking helmet.

He said he didn’t have a Viking helmet.

My reply? Of course you do

I do?, he asked, with awe and hope.

Who is your mama?

You are!

Then trust me, you have a Viking helmet!

In fact, he has more than one as do many of my friends (*ahem* Sue, Marcy, Aprille, Patty) who have attended the Labor Day International Street Fair with me. The right mix of good company and plentiful cocktails always seems to warrant a Viking helmet purchase.

And for Fussypants, my alcohol-induced spontaneous purchase made his day.

He told me he really, really, really, really, really, really loved his Viking helmet because it’s kinda awesome!

The last photo is him taking a break from playing to talk to his Nana and Grandpa.

So far, so good!



  1. What a strange purchase indeed, but I'm glad it is being put to good use.

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