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A Quick Momservation on Children’s Clothing

How great is it that kids under the age of, say seven, don’t have to try on clothes? You just buy their size by their age….4T, 6-9 months, whatever.

And if they are a little big no worries…just roll the cuffs, push up the sleeves and/or cinch the waistband (love, love, love that feature by the way. Whoever came up with that design is a genius) and then you get even more use out of the clothes!

It makes shopping super easy. Until, of course, my kids start to have an opinion on the style. For now, Fussypants only cares about wearing his Dinosoles shoes…as long as he has those on, he couldn’t care less what tee or pants I put him in.

One other quick Momservation…why is it that even though I ALWAYS match the top and bottom pjammies and put them in the drawer as a set, when hunky hubby gets the boy dressed for bed, he ALWAYS manages to pull out a top and bottom that doesn’t go together?




  1. Too funny! My hubby does the same annoying thing! Worse, he'll take the girls to the grocery store in pajamas, thinking that they are in "play clothes".

  2. I don't think I'd like the attire if clothes remained sized by age. Have you seen the way 37 year old dress? Wait, am I 37 or 38?

    I solve the daddy pj dressing dilemma by folding the top inside the pants.

    Still happens from time to time.

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