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Fussypants and his way with words

Little kids are so literal, it just cracks me up. They just don’t get the nuances of the English language and slang. When my dad was tired from running around with Fussypants and playing hockey he said, “I need to rest, I’m pooped” and Fussypants howled with laughter and exclaimed, “Grandpa pooped, grandpa pooped”!

When Fussypants was complaining about having to eat broccoli, and my husband told him to “get rid of the big one first” (meaning, eat it first) Fussypants stabbed the biggest one with his fork and put it back in the serving dish.

The other day I jokingly told Fussypants to say goodbye to Nana Banana. At first he thought Nana was eating a banana but then it dawned on him that I was making a silly rhyme. He quickly assigned food to all of us. Daddy was a broccoli sandwich, Little Miss was an apple, he was eggs and I was ham.

How cute it that? He made me and him Ham & Eggs. I love being the ham to his eggs. Everyone always told me that boys love their mamas and it is true. I know the time will come when he’s grown and meets the love of his life and starts spending more time with her family but he’s always going to be my mama’s boy, even when he’s not.
 So far, so good.



  1. Children are so literal. Funny post.

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