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Off to Sundance

In less then 24 hours I will be on an airplane (just me, myself and I), flying to Salt Lake City to meet up with three sorority sisters (girl talk, wait…adult girl talk) and driving to Park City to enjoy the Sundance Film Festival (oh my god, I get to see movies IN the movie theater and they will NOT be animated).

So today, I already miss my family and I haven’t even left yet but I suspect that once I am there, the pangs will minimize (ahem: red wine, girl talk). I don’t know what I am going to do with three days of sleeping through the night, no poopy diapers and not having to respond to every.single.thought.my.4yr.old.has.and.speaks.aloud (more on that later).

So happy weekend all, I’ll be back Monday to share my adventure!

So far, so good!



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