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The part that makes it happy

Every time we go to a Kings game Fussypants wants a Happy Meal, which is twice the price at Staples Center, so hunky hubby gets the bright idea to stop at the McDonalds down the street first. As with most things in life, there is give and take. We saved money on the meal but gave up the efficiency and customer service of those trained to work in a sporting event, move it along quickly, environment. It took forever to get the meal, seriously biting into our extra time before the puck dropped due to the additional singing of the Canadian national anthem and then they also forgot the toy. Hello, the point of the happy meal is the toy. Without it, there is no happy. It’s just a meal.

The entire time Fussypants was eating, he was asking about the toy. Hubby told him we’d ask about it before we left. I’ve never seen the slowpoke eater finish a meal so fast.

The conversation with the worker dude was funny though.

Hubby, “Don’t you give toys with happy meals”?
McD’s dude, “Yeah”
Hubby, “He didn’t get his”
McD’s dude, “Sorry”, he then shouts to someone in the back “Can I get a boy toy? I need a boy toy.”

It took him a minute to realize that all the customers had starting giggling. He may have even blushed.

But Fussypants got his toy. A Donkey from Shrek watch. You open his mouth with big ol’chompers to see the time and his eyes move. It’s a little disturbing. But we saved some money and got a laugh out of it.



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