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Reflections on 2010

When I reflect on 2010, the word that comes to mind is BLESSED.

While I realize 2010 was a tough year for many, it will always be fondly etched in my heart.

Some highlights of the year:

In March I received my first ever work bonus, for “my efforts and contributions”. Sure the government took more than half but to be recognized as a valuable employee and also generously compensated was motivating and rewarding. It makes balancing motherhood and a career worth it.

My family and I also survived my 8-weeks of bed rest and in May our darling, beautiful daughter, who has brought such joy to our every day, was born.

I was on Maternity leave all summer and spent time with family, friends, and the sun.

In August my baby brother, who thankfully never gave up on love even though it kicked him in the face, married an amazing woman and their wedding brought together my entire family. It was so nice to have everyone in one place since we don’t live close to each other and get to visit very often.

I turned 40 in September, with several celebrations, all solidifying my belief that I have an amazing family and amazing friends and I am a lucky girl.

I returned to work in October, the same day my husband started a new time-demanding aspect of his job, and although I was expecting this to be over-the-top traumatic, it was more than bearable. Sure some days were way worse than others, but due in part to an understanding and kind boss (without her flexibility and guidance, there would be no career me), my husband and kids who are my light and often surprise me, especially when I am on the verge of quietly melting down, my incredibly supportive parents (cannot say enough about them) and my personal cheerleaders A.K.A girlfriends who always know the perfect thing to say or just when to listen while I vent (you know who you are) I (we) survived the transition.

Also in October, my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage. I always tell people not to stress too much about their wedding day because it is every day after that makes a marriage and while not every one of our days has been bliss, I love my husband more than anything in the world. He’s my best friend, the last 10 years have been a wonderful adventure and I relish the thought of many more with him.

In November I learned some exciting news that I will share at a later date (no, I am not pregnant but someone close to me might be) and a new writing opportunity presented itself, that may generate some $ for me (which I will also share more about in time).

In December my father retired and my folks relocated to Southern California and I am very much looking forward to having them close by.

I truly feel blessed most every day, every year but 2010 was good to us and I am thankful.

I don’t make New Year Resolutions, honestly the only one I’ve ever kept was the one where I don’t make them. I do set goals and so far I have two. Spend even more quality time with my family and friends and continue on my path to fit at 40 with my P90X workouts.

As I enter optimistically into 2011, my theme for the year is Roll With it. It took me a very long time to figure this out but the tree that sways with the wind will bend, not break. So I am going to roll with it.

Written for Mama Kat’s Writer Workshop: 1.) Choose a word that encompasses 2010 and describe why. What word will you choose as your theme for 2011?



  1. With all the milestones and fun celebrations, blessed is a great word for your year.

    Here's looking forward to an even better 2011… xo

  2. Hopefully it is a good year for both of us!

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