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Snow Angel In A Red Onsie

When I told my 4 yr old I was going out of town to the Sundance Film Festival he looked at me like I was speaking German. So I told him I was going to the snow and somehow that translated that I was going to Winter.

He has never experienced snow, except what he has seen on TV. Depressing really and we’ve made a mental note to take him on a snow road trip as soon as we are able. But he understands what snow is and because he watches Caillou, he asked if I was going to make snow angels.

So I did.

I borrowed a snowsuit to keep my bum warm and although I felt like I was wearing a giant onsie, it worked.

And my boy was quite pleased to see the pictures and video of mommy making him a snow angel in Winter.

This post is for Wordless Wednesday at A Beautiful Mess and Wordful Wednesday at Parenting BY Dummies


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