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Some Fav THINGS from 2010

Some of my favorite things from 2010 may not have actually been created in 2010 but that is when they entered my life.

1. My iPad. I admit, I totally pimped out on my facebook status that I wanted an iPad and my hubby wouldn’t buy one for me (he says I am too obsessed with my iPhone and he didn’t want to feed my addiction) so many of my friends bought me Apple gift cards. Score! I love my iPad, and am enjoying getting to know it better and doing my best to use it to it’s full capabilities (so don’t worry Tonya)!

2. 1983 by Neon Trees. This song just makes me want to play it loud and shake my booty.

3. Kicky Pants baby clothes. Love this line, the clothing is made from bamboo and cotton, it is soft, stretchy and adorable. And did I say stretchy? I can always make myself laugh by thinking of the time my hubby was changing the diaper of Little Miss and had trouble getting her pants off because they were so stretchy. It was just so funny to watch, in a heartwarming way.

4. Season 2 of The Vampire Diaries Season 1 was good, the season finale was epic and season 2 has been one fun episode after another and they keep managing to surprise and shock me. Plus, yummy yummy eye candy. Best.guilty.pleasure.

5. Words with Friends and Scrabble. Best way to waste time in the middle of the night when up with baby! I love words and playing these two games makes me happy.

6. The Hunger Games trilogy. A friend gave me these books for my birthday. She had read them on the recommendation of her granddaughter, and enjoyed them so she shared them with me. At first I was skeptical of the tween nature but they are really good. And since another guy I work with also read them, we had our own little mini book club. Rumor has it movies are being made, can’t wait!

7. The P90X workout system. Now, normally a workout would never make my favorite anything list but I have to workout and I will never be comfortable lifting weights in a gym. This system is a tough workout but easy to follow. It’s not enough cardio but it is great for strength-building.

8. My Skip*Hop baby bag. I went through three baby bags when I had Fussypants and didn’t love any of them but bought the Skip*Hop Duo Deluxe after I had Little Miss and I love it, especially the stroller straps.

9. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs: The Definitive Pop-Up book by Robert Sabuda. Such a beautiful, engaging and amazing book, especially if your little one is as curious and smart as Fussypants. My mom even liked the book so much she bought the Sharks and Other Sea-Monsters book. (They also have Mega-beasts, Fairies and Other Magical Creatures and Gods & Heroes).

10. My Rayban sunglasses. I have spent years and years spending BIG money on stylish designer sunglasses (Gucci, Michael Kors, Kate Spade to name some) but they all hurt my eyes and make me squint. I finally got smart and purchased a pair of polarized glasses and what a difference!

So what are some of your favorites? Any good book recommendations? things you use daily and can’t live without? Please share!




  1. That's a great list.

    I can't get into The Hunger Games series, but keep hearing great things.

    Have you tried Word Shaker (cool word game app)? NC turned me on to it. It's addicting!!

    Glad to hear you are learning your way around the iPad!

  2. Word shaker? Gonna look it up now!

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