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Unicorn Update

Our cup runneth over…we got two calls back! One from the LA Pediatric Neurosurgeon and one from an OC Pediatric Neurosurgeon who gave us a referral to an Otolaryngology doctor, which is a fancy way of saying Ears, Nose, Throat.

The upside is that the ENT doctor is a board certified surgeon and works with all ages, including infants. The downside…he is a “facial” surgeon, meaning he also does plastic surgery and botox. Living where we live, I’m slightly concerned that his focus will be more on the plastic surgery side rather than the ENT medical side, so it could go either way.

But we’ve got an appointment with the ENT and are trying to get one with Dr. LA and then we will know/decide the best course of action.

And who knows, maybe Dr. ENT will give us a two-for-one discount….fix up our baby girl and make me look younger!

Ok, just joking but if I can’t laugh about it, I’m just going to cry and god knows I don’t have the energy for that.

Thank you for all your well wishes and positive thoughts. I will post updates as I have them.




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  2. This is great news… please keep me posted and I'll keep all of you in my thoughts.

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