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Unicorn Update part 3

Sickness abounds. First Little Miss, then me and now Fussypants. Hopefully my hubby will be germ immune but I fear he too has been exposed. So I apologize for not posting this update sooner but between work, taking care of sick baby and then taking care of sick me, I just didn’t get to it.

She did AWESOME during the CT scan. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and she looked tiny tiny tiny on the table but she was so mellow that she didn’t even need her head strapped down.

Here is a picture of our little butterfly, taken right after the CT scan (clearly unfazed).

We actually got the images that day and the radiologist results the next, which was not a good thing due to the fact that we didn’t know how to interpret them. I googled all the big words and sufficiently freaked myself out but thankfully I have smart people surrounding me who told me to step away from the computer. We had to wait FOUR days until we met with our doctor, but what we found out is positive.

The good news is that there doesn’t appear to be any brain matter or nerves in the area, the doctor said it looks like the skull behind the bump is closed. And he agreed with the radiologist’s assessment that her brain looks normal and should continue to develop normally.

Our doctor wasn’t thrilled with all the scans, he asked for a “fine cut” but said they didn’t do it as fine as he’d like so the bad news is that he isn’t sure exactly what the bump is. He suspects it may be a dermoid cyst (which is what our pediatrician first thought) or a small bone growth.

His recommendation is to schedule interval follow ups (our next one is in July) to take a look and check if the bump is growing. He may also schedule an MRI at some point, as apparently those are better at detecting tissue, so if it is a dermoid cyst that would tell us. He also told us things to look for that would be causes for concern, such as skin discoloration, which could signify an infection.

He said that if it is a dermoid cyst it will need to be removed but as long as it isn’t growing rapidly or infected, then he didn’t recommend removing it until she is school age (between 4-6) and he said that it could most likely be done with minimal scarring. If it is a bone growth, we can also have that removed, if it continues to present. He said he doesn’t recommend surgery at this age because of the anesthesia and also because she is still developing.

So, blessings abound. Thank you all for your support and happy, healing thoughts. I will continue to post updates, if we have them, but for now, I plan to go back to blogging about the silly stuff my kids do and say, because that is really what makes me happy.

So far, so good.




  1. Whew!! Glad you finally have some answers…. I'll keep you all in my thoughts. xo

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