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If I could bottle his extra energy, I’d make millions

Fussypants at four years old is such a joy but can also be a challenge (and some days a nightmare). 

2011 School Picture – age 4

I know, as his mom, I should not say things like that but the boy doesn’t have an off button. Some children are busier than others, it’s just how they are wired, and he is one of them. He’s been this way since birth, well since conception really. He moved like the dickens when I was pregnant too, starting at 15 weeks.

It’s as though his reserve of kinetic energy starts to leak out so some part of his body has to be moving or he’ll implode. Even when he is in snuggle-mode, he wants to wrap his fingers in my hair and get all tangled. He just can’t be still. He tosses and turns while sleeping (twice falling off the bed) and I’m not even sure he is aware of his constant movement.

Yesterday, the first Monday after the time-change (you know the one where we lost an hour in the morning) we were running late and he kept saying his tummy hurt. At first I thought it was a stalling tactic (we nicknamed him The Great Procrastinator for his knack of drawing everything out), to get out of going to school because when asked if he felt like he was going to throw-up, if he was hungry and if he had to go potty he replied with a resounding no. Ten minutes later he puked eggs and milk all over the dining room table.

Thankfully hunky hubby was off so he took on sick kid duty while I went to work. When I got home, I asked hubby how the day went and he replied, “He is a challenge. He never stops”.

Cue heavy sigh from me for stating the obvious. 

Recently, on nights when we can’t run the excess energy out of him, I’ve started implementing the Shake the Sillies Out before bed routine. You may recognize this if your child ever watched The Wiggles.

I’ve gotta shake, shake, shake my sillies out,
Shake, shake, shake my sillies out,
Shake, shake, shake my sillies out,
And wiggle my waggles away!

He outgrew The Wiggles awhile ago, so these are the only words I remember, but there is an entire song. We sing these lyrics over and over while jumping, dancing and shaking for 5 minutes, then we read one book and it’s sleepy time. And trust me, by that point, I’m also ready for bed.




  1. Girl we have the same kid…never stops, asks a million and one questions, especially during a movie, cuddles while moving his feet and sitting upside down on the couch…I get it…I know how you feel, but goodness they are sooo darn cute! :)

  2. An off button would be divine.

    I like that "Shake Your Sillies" out song. :)

  3. Tara, his gogogo is something I love about him but downtime would be nice.

    Tonya, maybe we can create an App for that? ;)

  4. Not to scare you, but I've been told my entire life I have no off switch…it wasn't until I was 27 until I learned how to use a dimmer. ;)

  5. “a dimmer” – Kara, you crack me up!

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