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Now that’s having your back!

One of the mommy bloggers I read and admire, Mommy of a Monster & Twins had her one year blog-o-versary this week and her husband, yes husband, wrote a sweet post for her, to commemorate the occasion.

Now that is the ultimate in support! You can read the entire post here:


My favorite part is the positive perspective he has about his wife taking the time to tell her family stories.

He observed:

“For me personally it has been a blessing, a way to let me experience so many things that a father misses out on. I don’t think that this was even considered when the idea was born but what a great bonus. Your mother has a gift and if we are lucky, she will keep on using it for years to come”.





  1. I loved Jason's letter too! We'd all be nothing without our husbands support.

  2. Cue big sigh. LK may hve my back, but I don't think he'd ever write a guest post as supportive as Jason's!

  3. Oh, this is so sweet…thank you so much for the shout out and Jason is all proud that his post is being recognized ;)

    I was shocked that he agreed to write something, and even more shocked about what a great job he did. It’s the best gift he’s given me in a long time.

  4. And I thought I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me stitrgha.

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  11. GOF interestingly enough if a woman keeps her legs crossed enough, she may not have to experience this childbirth thing first hand! Great point. I love the comments from my readers – much more interesting than the original post.

  12. Q – You and me both, hun.Liz – I love how supportive you are, no matter how my goal adjusts; it’s a delicious feeling.Bethany – Only if you remind me of it tomorrow, which is how quickly I’m liable to forget. <3Beka – Was that a scream of agreement? :) Thankya, dear.Megsie – You are wonderful. That’s all.Rain – I love the mamawrimo idea — less pressure, more spit-up! Love you too.

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