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Real questions from a curious boy

Fussypants gets his curiosity from me. He may look just like his daddy but his quest for knowledge is all mommy. Hunky hubby has, over the years, come up with a few choice nicknames for me, a few I won’t share but Curious-C and Information Super Highway are a couple of his favorites.

Just about every day I field questions from Fussypants. Most days that is all we do on the drive home. He rapid fire asks a bunch of things and I do my best to answer him. Some I do know the answer to, some I don’t but can look up and some are just silly. But I love that his mind is going a million miles an hour and I love that he really wants to know.

So for your reading pleasure, ten questions he’s asked recently:

1. Why do we need blood?
2. How do trees grow?
3. Why do we need grass?
4. Do cockroaches fly?
5. Why do we need sidewalks?
6. How come street lights don’t work during the day? 
7. Does Santa Claus see everything?
8. Does God see everything?
9. Does God see when Santa toots? What about batman?

And my favorite:

10. Do bumblebees ever bump their heads on closed doors?

So far, so good.




  1. My favorite is the last one! Curious minds want to know everything!!

  2. I hope he stays curious, I live to learn and hope he does to!

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