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Four things on my mind (ok bugging me) today

Fuur things about being a parent that nobody told/warned me about

1. Morning “wood”. The first experience Fussypants had with this where he was aware of it was when he was not quite two and I was getting him dressed. Apparently I smushed his dingding with the diaper because he exclaimed, “Ow, my dingding is crooked”. I tried not to laugh or make a big deal out of it and we went on our way. Fast-forward two years. At four, Fussypants now thinks it’s hilarious to wiggle and waggle his alertness at me and say, “Heeelllloooo”. Thankfully this does not happen often as he gets himself dressed most mornings, but, as a girl, I don’t have a whole lot of experience with this morning phenom and just plain don’t want to deal with it first thing in the morning. This is so my hubby’s territory.

2. Crap and junk in, on and around the car.  Oh.My.God. will my car ever be clean again? Even when I wash it (or have it washed), it only stays that way for six minutes. Spilt milk and formula (which does not clean off leather easily), cheerios, crayons, 1/2 a napkin, toys, feathers from art projects, a sock, lollipop sticks, you name it, I’ve found it. And it’s disconcerting, the shelf life of a cheerio. They petrify and wedge themselves into the nooks and crannies and stay there. Forever.

3. The “last” five pounds. I know, as women, our weight fluctuates, seemingly moment to moment. Even your skinniest day can be sidelined after a cup of coffee and a vitamin but what is it about those last few pounds? Why are they so hard to lose? With all the running around I do chasing after a toddler and all the picking up of toys you’d think I’d be a twig.

4. Potty privacy. I JUST want to go to the bathroom by myself, in my own home! Why is that too much to ask? Fussypants does not stand guard at the door when his dad is in the bathroom, nor does he find him when he’s on the toilet to ask him inane and irrelevant to the moment questions, like “how do mosquitoes suck blood? Do they make a hole with their nose or do they have a special tool?” (Yes, that was Sunday’s burst into the bathroom burning question).

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  1. I hear you on the potty privacy. My son is almost four and I’m still waiting for that.

  2. We just added a dog who can’t let me pee in peace. THAT is one of the few reasons I’m thankful I work 5 days a week–I can find a bathroom by myself for 8 hours a day.

  3. Kristin Kalning says:

    I love your honesty. The toddler erections are … awkward, aren’t they? And yes, the car-cleanliness thing is annoying, although two kiddos is worse than one.

    • Gingerbreadmama says:

      Thank you, and YES. More so now that he thinks it’s funny! And it’s jsut not something I want to have to deal with.

      As for the Mommy Buggy, I’ll never get used to a car with that much crap everywhere. No matter how much I clean it, it won’t stay clean. We use my car the majority of the time too, so that is part of the problem.

  4. Number 1 makes me really glad that I don’t have any boys.

    And number 2 drives me crazy every day. I can’t stand my car being a mess but my little one thinks it’s funny to throw her food and toys everywhere in there.

    • Gingerbreadmama says:

      I’ve found with my daughter that little girls have “nooks and crannies” that are not always fun to deal with so I guess there are good and bad with both genders when it comes to the girlie and boy bits!! ;)

      P.S. – I heart playing Scrabble with Tonya too!

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