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Have you ever…

Left the house wearing slippers but didn’t realize it until it was too late to turn back? Taken your son to school without his shoes on him? Dropped your son off at school, got all the way home and realized his lunch box was still  in the front seat of your car? Called your husband by your son’s name, the dog by your husband’s name and your son by the dog’s name? Lost the word you were about to use, mid-sentence? Gone into the garage so you could yell and scream without any witnesses? Hidden red vines in your baby bag for stress-eating moments? Wanted to laugh and cry at the same time? Left a party early, when you’ve had an overnight babysitter, not to have private time with your spouse but to catch up on sleep? Eaten cereal for dinner out of the box? Walked around Costco wearing a plastic fire hat because it made your son happy? Cut your spouse’s food into small bites? Taken the exit to your kid’s school, when you don’t have them in the car with you? Changed your baby’s outfit 10 times in an hour because the clothes are so stinking cute? Spent all day with your shirt on inside out? Walked around with one of your child’s stickers stuck to your bum and nobody told you?


Me either.



  1. Cute! You know you’re a mom when… right?

  2. Gingerbreadmama says:

    YES! So much more to add to that list…

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