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Moms Rule – the egg drop

Often I write about something funny my kids did or said or I’m posting pictures because my far-away family wants to see the kids. And lately it seems like I mostly lament about my bad mommy moments.

But not today! Today I am going to share a good mommy moment. A moment where I rocked it, after a slight stumble. But I landed on my feet and that is the important aspect of this share.

So, Fussypants had to bring an egg to school for an egg drop. Wrapped and protected so it wouldn’t break on the fall. We were informed weeks in advance, I put the reminder  notice where we’d see it and discussed it with hunky hubby because let’s be honest, egg protection outside my womb is not my territory. What do I know about designing and constructing something like that? The answer is very little. That was to be his job.

So the day of the big egg drop came…and guess what? We freaking forgot about it. I got Fussypants all the way to school before realizing we didn’t have the darn egg .The reminder notice? Buried under all the other reminder notices and hunky hubby had kept the kids home the day before because Grandma came to visit so we didn’t get the last minute mention from his teacher. I felt like a loser, Fussypants was so bummed and when I told my husband (he was at work) he texted me back that it made his heart hurt. Crap. It was a less than stellar parenting moment but we got a do-over, the egg drop was to be TWO days!

Only problem? Hubby was working so I had to construct the egg cage all.by.my.self.

Delving deep into my limited crafting skills, I used a tissue box and secured the egg into an empty toilet paper roll so it wouldn’t move around. Then, on hubby’s suggestion, I padded the bottom of the box with a zip-lock baggie filled with air. My hot air, to be exact. Then I set the TP-rolled egg on top, stuffed tissue around it and placed another mama-air-filled baggie on top. I taped the box up and decorated it with pictures of Spiderman for good measure. I should have taken a picture but I was kinda traumitized by the fact that we forgot about the event the first day so I wasn’t thinking clearly.

But it WORKED. The silly egg did not break on the fall. The darn thing didn’t even crack. I’m pretty proud of myself. When I texted my mom about it, she responded “Moms Rule”.


And you know what? We do rule.

I rule. And I need that on a tee.

Have you had a Moms Rule moment this week? Link up and share!



  1. CameSawShopped says:

    I love a story with a happy ending and your story did have a GREAT ending! Seems like you and
    hubby are “dancing as fast as you can” and you are wearing 4 inch heels!

  2. That’s so awesome! I really love your blog by the way. I don’t comment on every post, but I sure do read them all. I especially like the “friday flip-off”. I’ll definitely have to link up with you (just can’t think of a “moms rule moment” right now :)

  3. Korie B. says:

    Go Mommy!

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