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Arnold: My take

Was anyone really shocked to find out Arnold had an affair and fathered a child from that discretion? Doubtful. The fact that he kept the boy hidden for as long as he did was a little surprising, especially since the Davis hounds had sniffed out rumors of a tot way back when but the only thing they could get to stick was the groping allegations.

I feel for Maria and the children but the saddest part about this is that it’ll blow over and he’ll come out relatively unscathed and continue to have a career. Sure he’ll always have his haters, but the news didn’t break while he was in office, it didn’t even happen while he was in office and it’s not like he’s the only man ever to cheat on his wife (hello Clinton, hello Kennedys, hello Kobe, hello Tiger, hello Jesse). Lame jokes abound but one of the funniest I read was a headline from the Boston Herald Now it’s official: Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Kennedy.

It’s a sad state of affairs, literally, when a scandal of this magnitude can cause a ripple and then just sort-of fade away but look at all the other celebs/public figures that have screwed up one way or another, rebounded and still have careers (and some are practically revered). Robert Downey Jr., Winona Ryder, Kobe Bryant, Lindsey Lohan, Tiger Woods, Jesse James (who continues to bring the hurt with his book – ahole), Bill Clinton, Marv Albert, Rush Limbaugh, Charlie Sheen, Rudy Giuliani, Mel Gibson, George Michael, Britney Spears, Courtney Love…the list is long (and I know I’ve forgotten many).

But the point is that many public figures have scandals hanging in their closets yet the world keeps spinning. Do you even recall what some of the above named people did? Exactly.

As much as Arnold is a schmuck, this won’t taint his career for long. He’s just the Scandal Du Jour and sadly, someone else will screw up soon enough and turn the media spotlight elsewhere.



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