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“Hair” apparent

Fussypants was born with dark hair, which then lightened up to a soft brown and got long enough to spike, but that ‘do quickly and oh so cutely turned platinum blond and curly. He was our little towhead and we kept it long for a while because it was adorable and all my friends told me that when they cut their babies curls, they never grew back. But then the soft curls started to grow into hair just like his daddy’s, thick and unruly. Bath time started to be a pain because he never wanted to wash his hair. And he also disliked using his “monkey sauce” (so named for the gorilla on the bottle) to spike it so it ended up in his face more often than not. So we cut it short like his dad’s, and he wore it spiked for a bit in a faux hawk. But that was also short lived because he didn’t like using his monkey sauce, and ended up with hair in his face again.

The other night at dinner I said, “it’s time again to get your hair cut” and he surprised us by asking ”can I have a buzz cut”? I looked at my hubby, he looked at me and we shrugged and said “why not”.

I’ve dyed my hair brown, my husband sported a mohawk as a joke but neither of those events garnered as much interest, commentary and shocking response as my 4 year old with a buzz cut. He was the talk of his school! Parents I don’t even really know, knew my son had a new ‘do. Seriously, who knew a buzz cut would generate so much buzz? 


The many hairstyles of Captain Fussypants



  1. Lots, little or no hair, he sure is a cutie!

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