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Rockin’ the baby

Shell over at Things I Can’t Say has us Rockin’ the Baby this week! Appropriate timing, as I’m waiting for my nephew to be born. My sister-in-law went into labor last night and as of 3pm today was only dialated to 5…babies have a way of arriving when they are good and ready don’t they? So we wait…

But until then, here are a few photos of my babes, when they were brand new. Rock away!

Fussypants, just born

Little Miss, just born

Little Miss, just a few weeks oldFussypants, age 1Fussypants, age 1

Fussypants, age 1




  1. I love the brand new squished up faces – CUTE!

  2. Oh, those cute little baby faces! I just want to smoosh ‘em!

  3. So adorable. I LOVE that last picture :)

  4. I love those little faces. I want to hold them (and then give them back of course).

  5. Beautiful babies… both of them then and now.

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