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I got a shout-out on The Mom Pledge Blog today. Check me out!

And if you haven’t done so already, TAKE THE PLEDGE!

It’s Mom to Mom month, so let’s all pass it on



  1. Yay!! I love that they featured us back to back. :)

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    • Love your comments, Mark. However, while fellow travelers are so busy making others’ lives more difficult, I enjoy to bring some light-hearted humor to the flight attendants’ lives.Whenever the drink cart comes down the aisle, I always ask for a virgin pina colada, pause, and then wink at the FA, so that s/he knows I’m joking. I then ask for a glass of water, no ice to keep the job bearable.

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    • …Kurt then asked “is this him?” Yep! I see you’ve met him. Don, one way or another you continuously make an impression on someone and soon people share. I read your blogs and yet the reminders keep coming back. Thanks again…and the money was well spent in those classes.Michael Johnson

    • - Mal,Scott and I could not be happier for y’all! God has really blessed our group with all of these little ones! Let us know if you need anything. Btw…Kai gets cuter everyday! )

    • i love david cross. he just seems so honest and there. i like that our generation really gravitates towards teh voices of comedians. also…love the tights, very harlequin esque.

    • I’m always impressed by the huge amount of time and work that you put in all of these projects. Lots of new things coming up. Looking forward to the Manchester talk video. I very much enjoy your rewinds, especially since something seems to break every week(laptop, playstation, car). They really are adventures in open-source

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    • hey if u really want to have the new beta up, and not loose all ur memebersthen why don't u just keep them both and let US chose which one we want to use, it works out for everyone that way!!!!

  2. Hi Gingerbreadmama! Stopping over from The Mom Pledge! Loved the pics of your family’s summer adventures! :)

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