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Bliss: the wedding anniversary kind

Yeah, I love him (and he puts up with my silliness)

On October 28, 2000 I married the man of my dreams, he is my friend, my lover, sometimes my better half. He can make me laugh, cry, think, do. I’m a better me because of him.

11 years married (15 total, we met in 1996) and I honestly wouldn’t change a thing. Is it all perfect bliss? Hell no. We rant, we rave, we give each other stink eye. Having two young children brought a whole new meaning to the definition of spontaneous. His work schedule means that he sometimes misses special days (he is working today, in fact) but no matter what,  we are in it together. This is our life, every day of it, something we are building as a team. It’s a wild and crazy adventure, we’ve been through so much together. And the best part? I get to hold his hand through it all.

I love these lines from this song, Hey Girl:

“Well I’ll give you my heart
And I will give you all my soul
And you can have me money
And if you’d like you can have control
And all I want from you is love
And a little bit of faith
Maybe trust, honesty
Goes a long, long way
In my mind, I miss you
Every night that you’re not there
And all I’d like to do is sit around and breathe your air
And although you don’t feel
The things that I might do
All I need is just you

October 28, 2000
I’m not sure where the tie on the head tradition came from, but all his friends did it.

Happy anniversary to my super hot hunk of a husband. I’m thinking this occasion calls for an overnight babysitter so we can properly celebrate. So gonna hit my folks up tomorrow at Fussypant’s soccer game. For you, for me.

I love you!



  1. OpinionsToGo says:

    I don’t know who makes me smile and cry more…you or @usingourwords
    Great post…great love story…great couple! And, you make really adorable little ones!

    • Gingerbreadmama says:

      Awww, thanks! And what an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as @usingourwords, Amy is the best!

  2. So happy you both found one another! Happy belated. xoxo

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