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Sharing, with stipulations

Fussypants is very good with his sister. He does push and shove and terrorize her on occasion but she’s tough and pushes and shoves and terrorizes right back. Her best tactic however, is to just cry because then she gets an immediate response from me and dad and Fussypants usually gets scolded. He is always honest though and tells us exactly what he did to make her cry (it usually involves a shove or a stolen toy).

Sibling love. Thankfully, they get along really well 95% of the time.

Sibling love

Keeping busy with crayons

Over the weekend Fussypants wanted to make a book, so while he was illustrating his pages he let his sister use his crayons. All’s well until she decides to use them the wrong way. It’s all about sharing, but with stipulations.



  1. Ah sharing…. we are in the thick of learning how to be a good share-er and it is not easy. I’m sure having a sibling helps out a lot. They are too cute together.

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