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My Little Monsters Mash

Fussypants loves to dress up, he even thinks we should all wear costumes on our birthday. He has already decided what he is going to be on his birthday (and it’s not until January).

He also loves to pose for all pictures.

Flying dragon

Little Miss, on the other hand, wasn’t that thrilled with her costume. She enjoyed trick o’treating, but flipped out whenever she saw the camera.



Notice how calm she is?


Now see the stink eye when she sees the camera?

Written for By Word of Mouth Blogging Howlerfic Halloween link-up



  1. That is one exceptional stink eye! lol
    Thank you for linking up!!!

  2. Wow, I didn’t think anyone disliked the camera more than Lucas. She’s a darling little bee though! ANd I love seeing MZK really get into his “character”.

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