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Kicked, while down – A TMI post. You’ve been warned.

On days like today, I’m so happy for yoga breaths.

As previously blogged, last month I had a miscarriage and a D&C. I was supposed to have follow-up blood work done until my HCG levels were under 5 but I never did it. Chalk it up to stress, exhaustion, denial, whatever, I just couldn’t go once a week and have more blood drawn to tell me that I was no longer pregnant. I already knew that. And yeah, yeah, I get it that the blood work was to make sure the doctor didn’t miss anything, but I just wanted to put it behind me. So I didn’t go.

Flash forward to end of January, when I finally got my period. Because our birth control options are in flux, I am going to go on the pill until it’s figured out. So I dropped off my prescription on Monday but they didn’t have it so the gal said they’d order it and get it to me Tuesday.

I go to pick it up last night and the gal hands me a bottle of pre-natal vitamins. Can you say DUMBFOUNDED? WTF?

Obviously I mixed up the prescriptions. My doctor had given me the pre-natals on that oh my god I think I’m pregnant visit but I never filled it because it turned out I didn’t need to.

I went home and tore my house apart looking for the pill prescription but couldn’t find it so I called my doctor today, and you know what?  She won’t fill it until I have the stupid blood test done. I admit, I begged but she won’t budge and since she wields the power with her prescription pad.

Yoga breaths, yoga breaths, breathe, breathe…

As always, there is something funny in this little effed up situation. The mix up does explain why the pharmacy gal looked at me funny when I was dropping off the prescription in the first place, as I was there with my two small children who were tackling and terrorizing each other in the pharmacy line. At the time, I looked at her knowingly (and may have winked) and said, “I haven’t been on birth control in a long time” and she responded with a weird look and an umpfh. Clearly because she knew she was filling pre-natals and thought I was adding to my chaos.

So off to give blood that is only going to state the obvious I go…

Breathing all the way.




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