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Subtlety, or not…

Subtlety is not a trait most children practice, so I’m not sure why I’m surprised by this, but it did make me laugh. We’ve been LA Kings season ticket holders since 2000. We are loyal fans, sticking by our team through it all, year after year, quietly shouldering the lowest of the lows, when they are not playing well or making the playoffs.

So this is a good year for us, with them being the Western Conference Champions and heading to the Stanley Cup finals.

Being extra proud of my team, I asked hunky hubby to put a Kings sticker on the Mommy Buggy. I had one on the first Mommy Buggy but after the accident I guess we just never got around to putting a Kings sticker on Mommy Buggy 2. Excited at a) anything that has to do with the Kings and b) anything that has to do with stickers, my son said he would help daddy pick one out. To give you a little perspective, Fussypants is a huge hockey fan and an even bigger Kings fan. His name was inspired by a former Kings captain, he attended his first game when he was 16 days old, he took his Kings hockey stick on vacation to Costa Rica when he was 22 months old and in almost every picture I have of him, he is either wearing his Kings jersey or has his hockey stick.

Fussypants at his first Kings game, before he even had his nickname!

Now, I’ve never really been one to advertise products. I’m not a walking billboard, I don’t wear many clothes with logos on them, nor do I go out of my way to endorse any specific product. I prefer to be more subtle, if you will. A funny aside on brandishing logos…once, in the 90s when it was cool, I was wearing a pair of Juicy sweats that had the Juicy label large and in charge on the bum. My nomadic sister-in-law, who resides mostly in Alaska, didn’t realize Juicy was a brand and thought I was commenting on the state of my derriere. But back to being subtle. I trusted my boys to pick a sticker for the mommy buggy and mistakenly assumed they’d choose a small Kings logo or the word Kings. Not the case. They went all out, choosing the boldest statement they could.

LA Kings, your 2012 Western Conference Champs

Fussypants proudly told me that he “choosed” it himself, so that’s that. And I couldn’t be more proud. Go Kings Go!




  1. OpinionsToGo says:

    Loved you post and photos. I don’t think that the logo is too big or too small. I think it’s JUST RIGHT!!

  2. Great story, BTW I think the Juicy on the bum is suppose to be a two in one idea. Which is why it’s on the bum. Ha ha… I am laughing out loud to myself thinking what you in-laws must have thought. Btw How was Costa Rica? When you guys went where did you stay?

    • Gingerbreadmama says:

      Costa Rica is wonderful! We’ve been all over but really enjoy Mal Pais/Santa Teresa. Have you been?

      • Älä muuta sano, ihanaa että muillakin :) Vaikka tiedän kyllä, etteivät nämä ole pahimmasta päästä, mutta eivät päästä kyllä heoapllaklan. Ja mikä siinä omien jälkien siivoamisessa on niin vaikeaa. Sitä ei vaan tapahdu!

      • Hey,I am also a secret admirer of your work and blog.The leaf prints look amazing and I have already purchased the Origami Book (and even finished some cards :)..A general question: Where do you buy the paper, e.g. the paper you used for the origami boxes?Cheers,Steffi

      • Dear Mark, I am so moved to hear from you. I had no idea you were reading my blog. Please come back and visit Jerusalem before they close the gates to the outside world. All best, Judy

      • Angela! Congratulations! I’m a Curves member, too! I’m going to accept your challenge and actually USE my membership, now! I may not use it a lot, but something has to be better than nothing! It will be great to check-in with you! Thanks for the offer!Looking forward to the challenge~Michelle in Kennesaw

      • Moi je veux de l’helium, moi je veux de l’helium!! * pose un cadeau emballé genre raté (je sais pas faire les paquets) sur la pile * fait une danse de la victoire en l’honneur du gigot

      • I found it on Ama­zon. I didnt real­ize it was a series until the end when i saw the teaser. I loved it so much i loaded them all and just read and read. Keep it up Please!! And thanks

  3. Love his choice. So funny.

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