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Judgement…Kindergarten style

A few days ago, I was brushing Little Miss’s hair and I said “your hair is so pretty, I wish mine was this pretty” (seriously, it is like silk) and Fussypants says, very matter of fact, “Mom, that is the law of God #9…don’t want what others have.”

So I deduced that he is paying attention while learning commandments. And (in an unchristian-like way) thought to myself how awesome it’s going to be having my 5 yr old calling me out in judgement from this point forward.

Then, on Friday, his first ever report card was sent home. At this level, they don’t receive ABC grades. Instead, E = Exceeds Grade Level Expectations, S = Meets Grade Level Expectations, and N = Needs Improvement.

This proud mama is happy to share that Fussypants received all S and S+s in every standard, except one. In one category he got an E. Anyone wanna guess what it was?

That’s right, he received an Exceeds Grade Level Expectations in Christian Faith and Life.


For the toddler that couldn’t sit still in church for more than 10 minutes, that’s impressive. And reinforces that we made the right choice, sending him to a private Christian school. He is excelling and he is happy and as a parent, that makes me happy (even if he is going to up the judgement factor while they are learning this segment)!



  1. OpinionsToGo says:

    That is just lovely. What a very sweet little guy and he brought it to your attention in the nicest way.
    And, you better watch your p’s and q’s missy!

  2. So very impressive! Smart little dude you’ve got there.

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