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Wordful Wednesday

The baby bookcase bandit strikes again!

I think Fussypants is going to like having a sister. When I asked him why he made such a mess, he said “I didn’t, it was her” and pointed to the bookcase bandit crawling away down the hall. Her work there was done.

Hunky hubby and Fussypants have the same shoes. I had no hand in those purchases.

Actually, I think it is kinda cute when they dress the same and can’t wait for me and my baby girl to have the same shoes. I’m totally that mom.

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Little Miss and the bookcase

Little Miss is mobile, not yet walking on her own, but crawling like she’s got wheels and an engine. She peeks over her shoulder, giggles when she sees you’re watching and tears off to wreak havoc and destruction. This is the everything off the shelf, everything out of the containers, everything off the plate and onto the floor, everything strewn everywhere phase.

And she’s found my bookcases. You know, the ones I had to buy and have hubby put up in the living room when I turned my library sanctuary into a nursery for Little Miss so I had a place for all my books and cds. The bookcases I debated buying doors for, but decided not to spend the extra money because Fussypants was way past the pull crap off the shelves phase and I actually forgot that kids do that.

As you can see, mess-making is serious business for Little Miss.


Mobile Miss

Little Miss is finally mobile. It’s not pretty, but her “wounded soldier”, belly scraping scootch gets her where she needs to go!

Click here to view video: Little Miss Crawls