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“Oh but you were made, by a God who knows your name , He doesn’t make mistakes. For you, you are wanted, you, you are wanted” – Dara MacClean

Little Miss, out of the blue, started asking questions about her birth last night. It went something like this…

LM: Did you buy me from the store?

Me: No, I made you. I grew you inside me and kept you safe until you were born.

LM: God made me.

Me: Yes, He helped. But you were inside me, growing big and strong, until you were ready to come out.

LM: I didn’t like being in there (putting her hand on my tummy).

Me: That’s true. You wanted out early on, that’s why I was on bed rest for eight weeks and then you arrived two weeks early.

LM: Yeah, I remember.

At this point, Fussypants jumped into the conversation to tell his sister (erroneously) that I pooped her out my bum and that’s how she was born. Thankfully, she laughed and isn’t traumatized for life.



The Potty Cheerleader

Little Miss I’m Now Two has taken it upon herself to cheer me on while I go potty. She enters the bathroom and stands in front me with a big smile on her face, clapping and saying Yay mommy, Yay!

It’s quite motivating, in a very odd, absolutely no privacy, way.

She even pulls toilet paper off the roll, wads it up and hands it to me.

I’ve often said I need a personal assistant, but this is not what I had in mind.

One of these days, I’ll get it on video. The cheering part, not the potty part. I’m not that kind of girl.


Tot talk

Fussypants has a good friend, let’s call him L, that he’ll talk about and ask about randomly. As I was driving the kids to school this morning, Fussypants queried, “I wonder what color L’s city is”.

I responded that he lived in Huntington Beach and he said, “I know that, but what color is it?”

Took me a minute to figure it out (yes, I’m dumber since having kids) but when it clicked, it made me smile. My kid is really cute.

We live in the city of Orange.

Get it?

What color is your city?

From the mouth of babes.


Busy, busy baby girl

Note how focused she is, how cute her pigtails are, and the song her brother is singing in the background (it’s all about poop). And she was not hurt in any way, she was laughing when I picked her up.



I'm too cute to sit in my highchair, thank you very much

We are taking a mini family vacation Sunday-Wednesday and I’m planning on unplugging…no phone, no computer. No laundry, no traffic, no work stress…oh, I digress.

Anyway, I’m outta here! So have a happy Father’s Day and a nice weekend. Catch ya all next week!

Giving mom the cute face!

Little Miss being curious. Only a matter of time before she finds the toilet paper roll!


Little Miss and the bookcase

Little Miss is mobile, not yet walking on her own, but crawling like she’s got wheels and an engine. She peeks over her shoulder, giggles when she sees you’re watching and tears off to wreak havoc and destruction. This is the everything off the shelf, everything out of the containers, everything off the plate and onto the floor, everything strewn everywhere phase.

And she’s found my bookcases. You know, the ones I had to buy and have hubby put up in the living room when I turned my library sanctuary into a nursery for Little Miss so I had a place for all my books and cds. The bookcases I debated buying doors for, but decided not to spend the extra money because Fussypants was way past the pull crap off the shelves phase and I actually forgot that kids do that.

As you can see, mess-making is serious business for Little Miss.


Real questions from a curious boy

Fussypants gets his curiosity from me. He may look just like his daddy but his quest for knowledge is all mommy. Hunky hubby has, over the years, come up with a few choice nicknames for me, a few I won’t share but Curious-C and Information Super Highway are a couple of his favorites.

Just about every day I field questions from Fussypants. Most days that is all we do on the drive home. He rapid fire asks a bunch of things and I do my best to answer him. Some I do know the answer to, some I don’t but can look up and some are just silly. But I love that his mind is going a million miles an hour and I love that he really wants to know.

So for your reading pleasure, ten questions he’s asked recently:

1. Why do we need blood?
2. How do trees grow?
3. Why do we need grass?
4. Do cockroaches fly?
5. Why do we need sidewalks?
6. How come street lights don’t work during the day? 
7. Does Santa Claus see everything?
8. Does God see everything?
9. Does God see when Santa toots? What about batman?

And my favorite:

10. Do bumblebees ever bump their heads on closed doors?

So far, so good.