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Guest posting – The Soccer Moms

I’m guest posting today over at The Soccer Moms. Bear with me, I get a little preachy, but the trend these days seems to be to stir up controversy, point out the negative and shame people on a myriad of subjects and I needed to vent. Emotional writing is better than emotional eating, I suppose, though not as tasty.

Read all abut it: here



Guest Post about Sports/Schedules


I have a post up at The Soccer Moms today, about my struggles with juggling multiple sports schedules:

Juggling Schedules Is Not for the Weak (click link)

When I started writing this, I was irked about something a coach had said to my son and discombobulated because practice days for one of our sports had changed on us causing conflicts that hadn’t previously been there with another sport, but as I got further into the writing, it took a different path. I’ve come to the conclusion that that there is no blame to place, it’s not the coaches fault (though I can do without the comments to my kid) nor is it mine as a parent. The bottom line is that life is hard and full of challenges and when you have multiple kids and full time jobs and other extracurricular activities, it gets even harder. Add in the fact that the full time job and the activities take place in different cities and the hard magnifies by a bazillion. It’s impossible to be in more than one place at a time, but it’s also impossible to not strive to give your child as many opportunities to grow and learn and participate as possible.

Credit should be given to those (many of whom are also parents) who give their time to coach (paid or volunteer) as well as to the parents who do everything in their power to get their kids where they are supposed to be on time and to those kids who many times are changing uniforms in the car but still work their butt off once they get there. Everyone needs to see the other’s side and be supportive.

It’s called teamwork for a reason. And as we all know, when you have kids, it takes a village.




Trust me, I KNOW – Things I Can’t Say

I’m over at Things I Can’t Say today, venting about people who tell me stuff I clearly already know. Because it’s been one of those weeks.




Long Time Soccer Mom, First Time Coach

I’m sharing my thoughts on being a first time coach…of 4 year old girls…over at The Soccer Moms today. Come check it out and share your experiences!


Because sometimes, you just have to practive in a tutu!

Because sometimes, you just have to practice in a tutu!


Letters For You

I have the privilege of participating in my dear friend Tonya’s Letters for You series today. Tonya, who writes beautifully at Letters For Lucas, is an inspiration and a lifeline, and I am thrilled to be part of something so sentimental and special.

Check out my letter to my husband, who I couldn’t fathom doing this parenting thing without, here: Letters For You


Moms That Blog Interview

Charlene from Adventures-In-Mommy-Land is a busy mom of 6 (wow, right?!?) who still finds the time to support and highlight other moms with her Moms That Blog series. And lucky for me, today she is sharing my interview!

Check me out over at her site, Adventures-In-Mommy-Land: Here

Because, as she says, “It’s not where you go, or what you do, it’s who is besides you that counts…”

Thanks Charlene, for the opportunity!



Guest posting

I am so excited and thrilled to say I’m over at Mommy of a Monster & Twins today sharing a Mommy Moment!

Thank you so much to Natalie for asking me to play along. Go check me out over there and then read all her posts (and all the other Mommy Moments) because she is funny, informative (she’s connected people), her kids are adorable and she has crazy mom-s&*t happen to her just like the rest of us. Plus, she likes wine. Kindred, we are.

Happy Monday!


Guest posting today!

Today I’m over at Letters For Lucas! I am excited, humbled, and happy to announce I am doing my first guest post! My good friend Tonya, who I respect, admire and can really laugh with, asked me to share some of my toddler moments. Check out Letters For Lucas to see What’s Next.

Thank you Tonya, for the opportunity!