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Writer’s Workshop: “Nit”-picking

2.) Share one of your “did that really just happen to me” life moments.

I can now say that I have been professionally deloused. Check that off the bucket list.

Parenting is fun, isn’t it? I spent two days, including a Saturday night, washing everything in the house and boiling hairbrushes after my three year old daughter was sent home from school with “nits”.

You are getting itchy just reading this, aren’t you?

Apparently she was the second child to be sent home from school that week. Sadly, lice happens. It’s beyond gross, but you have to deal with it. Or it will just get worse.

So, after treating her with an over the counter remedy at home, I made an appointment at a Lice Salon (so glamorous, my life) on the recommendation of a friend, and I am very happy I did. Because the “combing out” aspect of the process is very important and very tedious, and when you have a child who screams as though a limb is being torn off just upon seeing a hairbrush, having someone else do it is a GODSEND.

A little over 2 hours later, we were all deloused, smelled like the inside of a cedar closet and were equipped with follow-up instructions. I now know more about the lice lifecycle than I care to admit and will be arming myself with a lint roller the next time I get on an airplane or go to the movies.

But the best part of the process? I got to go through it not only with my terrified of the combing process three year old, but also with my mother-in-law, while I was nursing a small hangover. A bonding “did that really just happen to me” moment, to be sure.

Mama Kat


Tot Talk: three year old gems

So this guy is posting videos of conversations with his two year old, as reenacted by himself and another grown man. They are very funny, especially the cookie convo in episode #3. I’ve had that conversation, or a version of it, on several occasions with both my kids.

So it got me thinking about conversations with my own children and I thought I’d share two gems that occurred just this morning, in the span of 3o minutes, with my three year old daughter.

Little Miss, at a young age, took a vested interest in her clothing, to the point where we started having arguments over what character she wanted to wear on her underwear when she was barely two. For the record, I do not give a hoot what she chooses, I just want her to choose…and therein lies the issue most mornings. The upside is that she has now started to thank me for washing her favorite undies.

 Today’s clothing drama had to do with shoes. The conversation went something like this.

 Me: Do you guys have your socks and shoes on? We need to leave.

Little Miss: No. I want to wear flip-flops.

Me: You can’t wear flip-flops. No open toed shoes at school because you play outside.

LM: (pouting): I want to wear flip-flops like you.

Me: I’m wearing sandals. And I don’t get to play outside.

LM: You don’t get to play outside? (Accompanied by the saddest face ever so now I’m feeling bad I have to go sit in an office).

Me: No, but you do, so let’s get shoes on.

LM: I want to wear Cinderella shoes. With socks.

Me: Fine (and we get her in shoes).

 As I’m locking the door, she turns to me and says, “These hurt, I want my fast shoes (that’s what she calls her sneakers).

And I wonder why I’m never on time.

The second conversation gem took place in the car.

LM: I want Minnie Mouse.

Me: Where is Minnie Mouse?

LM: There.

Me: Honey, I’m driving the car, I can’t see her.

LM: She’s right there.

Me (straining to see where she is pointing in the rearview mirror): On the floor?

LM: There!

Me: Sweets, I’m driving on the freeway,  I can’t reach her right now. You’ll have to wait.

LM: You are not driving the freeway, you are driving the car.

Me: Right, I’m driving the car on the freeway.

LM (a little quieter): You are driving the car, not the freeway.

 She always has to have the last word.

By the way, the second conversation took place after she ate it in the parking lot when dropping her brother off. She was walking on the curb, slipped and scrapped her knee, then freaked out when it started to bleed. I tried to console her with kisses but she only wanted a Band-Aid, which, thankfully, I found in the glove compartment shoved between sunglasses and my car’s user manual.

Note to self, restock the car with Band-Aids.


Little Miss…Manners

Please, thank you, excuse me….all very easy words to say. It’s important to me that my children are polite. Polite children make for polite adults. There is nothing cute or endearing about a demanding child and a demanding adult is even worse.

Fussypants was polite from the womb. I had a relatively easy pregnancy, and aside from him being eight days early, a fairly easy delivery. He nursed right away, he crawled early, he walked early, he talked early and even before his vocabulary was developed, he’d sign the word for please.

Then, when he did speak, he said please and thank you before and after everything…including no, please when he didn’t want to do something. So sweet and so polite. Now, as an almost six year old, he sometimes forgets to say please but 95% of the time, he remembers.

His sister is an entirely different story. She’s been bossy since the womb. Eight weeks of bedrest because of contractions, then she arrived two weeks early. The girl wants what she wants and she wants it on her schedule.

She prefers to demand instead of ask politely. And if you don’t move quickly enough to her liking, she’s been known to push you in the direction of what she wants. She also makes this horrid EH sound, like a buzzer on a game show if she doesn’t like something. And the drama…she makes a show of what she will do if you don’t do as she wants. She took her diaper off yesterday, and demanded I peepee, CHANGE ME. My response, In a minute, I’m busy. And what do you say when you want something? She gave me the toddler stare, smiled a smile that meant she was up to no good and replied, Mama change me or I peepee on flooooorrr! Awesome. (And yes, we are working on potty training but that’s a post on its own).

So we’ve been patiently and consistently working with her to add please, thank you and excuse me to her vocabulary. 60% of the time she forgets, we remind her. 30% of the time she doubles up the good stuff…Thank you please and 10% of the time she asks so nicely, I could cry. Overall, she is a very sweet (albeit demanding) little girl and will figure out that she’ll get her way more often when she adds the please, thank you and excuse mes to her repertoire. And she’d better, because it’s important to me that my children are polite.

Until then, some days, the Princess rules the roost.


The Potty Cheerleader

Little Miss I’m Now Two has taken it upon herself to cheer me on while I go potty. She enters the bathroom and stands in front me with a big smile on her face, clapping and saying Yay mommy, Yay!

It’s quite motivating, in a very odd, absolutely no privacy, way.

She even pulls toilet paper off the roll, wads it up and hands it to me.

I’ve often said I need a personal assistant, but this is not what I had in mind.

One of these days, I’ll get it on video. The cheering part, not the potty part. I’m not that kind of girl.


Guest posting

I am so excited and thrilled to say I’m over at Mommy of a Monster & Twins today sharing a Mommy Moment!

Thank you so much to Natalie for asking me to play along. Go check me out over there and then read all her posts (and all the other Mommy Moments) because she is funny, informative (she’s connected people), her kids are adorable and she has crazy mom-s&*t happen to her just like the rest of us. Plus, she likes wine. Kindred, we are.

Happy Monday!


Sharing, with stipulations

Fussypants is very good with his sister. He does push and shove and terrorize her on occasion but she’s tough and pushes and shoves and terrorizes right back. Her best tactic however, is to just cry because then she gets an immediate response from me and dad and Fussypants usually gets scolded. He is always honest though and tells us exactly what he did to make her cry (it usually involves a shove or a stolen toy).

Sibling love. Thankfully, they get along really well 95% of the time.

Sibling love

Keeping busy with crayons

Over the weekend Fussypants wanted to make a book, so while he was illustrating his pages he let his sister use his crayons. All’s well until she decides to use them the wrong way. It’s all about sharing, but with stipulations.


Little Miss cuteness

My husband got a new Daddy Buggy over the weekend and the kids love it. Little Miss has already firgured out how to turn the stereo on and insists on “driving”.

Little Miss makes her cute face


Little Miss, being cute

Little Miss is a mobile monster now that she’s figured out walking is fun. She still does the wide-leg toddle and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Here is some video of her being cute. For some reason, the sound doesn’t work on one video but the look on her face is too cute not to share.


Busy, busy baby girl

Note how focused she is, how cute her pigtails are, and the song her brother is singing in the background (it’s all about poop). And she was not hurt in any way, she was laughing when I picked her up.


Wordful Wednesday

Little Miss is busy and curious like Fussypants, but much less cautious.

Little Miss also loves to swing!

Fussypants loves the water! Pool, beach, waterpark, shower, bath…where there is water, there you will find Fussypants.

All posted for wordful wednesday, see more over at Parenting BY Dummies.