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Guest Post: Not a Numbers Game

I’m over at The Soccer Moms with a guest post on how playing a game can’t always be answered with a number.soccermoms



A Rant

Have you ever had a day that is kinda shitty and you feel like crying and you can’t really pinpoint why, because it’s not one thing but maybe a culmination of things and even then you know none of it is that bad but all of it together is bringing you down?

Well, I’m having one of those. I feel like sending a big FU out to the haters, slamming the door and turning some music on really loud.

But I have responsibilities. Shit to do. So instead I’m taking deep breaths, going about my business professionally and with dignity (but don’t think for a second that my inner monologue is profanity free) and focusing on what I know. I’m not letting someone’s skewed perception (which happens to be way off of reality) dictate my day.

So there. Neenerneenerneener.




Missing Laughable Moments: Guest Posting at Things I Can’t Say

Do you get enough sleep? I don’t. And it makes me crabby. And my kids notice. But thanks to Shell, who gives us a voice to say the things we think but don’t always think we should say, I have a guest post up at Things I Can’t Say today. So please visit her blog, and let me know I’m not alone.





What I wanted after my workout was a venti nonfat iced dirty chai but what I had was the toxic avenger green detox shok made from something healthy, something good for you and something else healthy. Because it’s all about making healthy choices people.


Ok, I’m laughing too. Those that know me know there is no way I am giving up all the good but not good for you stuff. But I am trying. I have to cut back on my caffeine intake and replacing a cup of joe with a glass of juices is the right thing to do and (hopefully) won’t send me spiraling into a shock-filled, binge eating rage.

Haven’t decided yet if I am going to go all out with the “juicing” but as my friend Kristina says, “baby steps”.

For now, I’ll have a glass instead of coffee and work myself up to a 3-day cleanse. Who knows, maybe I’ll love it and crave it (like my friend) and buy myself one if those fancy, ridiculously expensive machines and make my own concoctions of something healthy, something good for you and something else healthy.

What? It could happen.


Judgement…Kindergarten style

A few days ago, I was brushing Little Miss’s hair and I said “your hair is so pretty, I wish mine was this pretty” (seriously, it is like silk) and Fussypants says, very matter of fact, “Mom, that is the law of God #9…don’t want what others have.”

So I deduced that he is paying attention while learning commandments. And (in an unchristian-like way) thought to myself how awesome it’s going to be having my 5 yr old calling me out in judgement from this point forward.

Then, on Friday, his first ever report card was sent home. At this level, they don’t receive ABC grades. Instead, E = Exceeds Grade Level Expectations, S = Meets Grade Level Expectations, and N = Needs Improvement.

This proud mama is happy to share that Fussypants received all S and S+s in every standard, except one. In one category he got an E. Anyone wanna guess what it was?

That’s right, he received an Exceeds Grade Level Expectations in Christian Faith and Life.


For the toddler that couldn’t sit still in church for more than 10 minutes, that’s impressive. And reinforces that we made the right choice, sending him to a private Christian school. He is excelling and he is happy and as a parent, that makes me happy (even if he is going to up the judgement factor while they are learning this segment)!


Happy Anniversary to my favorite person


October 28, 2000, twelve years ago, I married the love of my life. He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he challenges me and he supports me. He’s my person.

We dated almost four years before we got married and I had no doubts. Our wedding ceremony was outside, and the night before, it rained. Several people were on me to make a decision if we were moving the ceremony inside. Because my husband and I lived together, I had spent the night before our wedding in the hotel, so I called my husband to get his opinion. As soon as I said hello, he started singing “going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married”. He told me he didn’t care if we were married indoors or outdoors because by the end of the day, we’d be married. And that was exactly how I felt too. At the end of the day, we were married. Outside, by the way. And it was beautiful.


In the last twelve years, we’ve built a life together that has overflowed with blessings and adventure and with heartache and ordinary. But I’ve longed believed that your wedding day is just one day, albeit a magical, beautiful day, but it is every day after that makes a marriage. All the good, all the bad wrapped up tightly together as one package. As our life. Our beautiful life.

Happy anniversary to my best friend, the love of my life, the father of my children. Thank you for our beautiful wedding day and most importantly, for every day after. For you, for me.




Santa photo – Making Memories

Little Miss didn’t get to see Santa last year, on her first Christmas, because she was sick and fell asleep when we went to take our Santa photo. She’s a bit of a mama’s girl right now but I didn’t think she’d have any issues with seeing Santa because her brother was there with her.

I was wrong. Awesome. But it makes for a funny memory.


Share your Santa photos too: Letters For Lucas

Creative Kristi Designs


Tot talk

Fussypants has a good friend, let’s call him L, that he’ll talk about and ask about randomly. As I was driving the kids to school this morning, Fussypants queried, “I wonder what color L’s city is”.

I responded that he lived in Huntington Beach and he said, “I know that, but what color is it?”

Took me a minute to figure it out (yes, I’m dumber since having kids) but when it clicked, it made me smile. My kid is really cute.

We live in the city of Orange.

Get it?

What color is your city?

From the mouth of babes.


Starting somewhere


I ran my second 5K this weekend and I beat my time by 5:18. My goal was to shave off at least 25 seconds so I far exceeded what I thought I was capable of. I was shocked when I crossed the finish line and saw the timer because the entire time I was running I felt off, tired. I didn’t sleep well the night before and I was really nervous before my race. Nervous because I had a time to beat. Seeing that I had done well, even though I didn’t feel well was overwhelming. My family was also there and I got to high-five my son as I ran past. It motivated me.

I know running 3.1 miles is something most people can do and I have several friends who have run multiple 10K, 1/2 and full marathons which leaves me in awe but I haven’t been running much in the last several years and it isn’t easy for me. So running faster than I ran before makes me want to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I recently read an excerpt from The Accidental Athlete by John Bingham (featured in Competitor Magazine) that resonated with me, because I feel like I stumbled into this activity, found I really enjoy it and that pleasantly surprises me. “The competitive juices are flowing through us no matter where in the pack we find ourselves. To me, that is the magic in racing. I don’t know a better way to discover you’ve got something left just when you think everything is gone. Racing galvanizes our souls, allowing us to escape from the limitations that we put on ourselves and to test the outer limits of our bodies and our spirits.”

Running these 5Ks has reintroduced myself to my inner competitor, someone I forgot I knew. So me and her, together, are going to keep putting one foot in front of the other. My next 5K is December (unless I can swing a turkey trot on Thanksgiving, depends on what time we have to be at my in-laws) and I’m working up to a 10K trail run in March and a team mud run too. Run mama run!




Back to blogging

Coming soon, Summer 2011 Part 2 (another picture slideshow for your viewing pleasure) or otherwise titled “what I’ve been doing instead of writing”. I have loads of pictures to share (thus the slideshow but this time it’ll be broken up by category…new nephew, birthday, etc) and some nits that I have to express (always so much fun to rant and rave).

I’ve also made the decision to update my blog look and remove Wonder Dog from the title. His ascension to doggie heaven in June was too fresh over the summer for me to even think about it but it’s time. He will remain a part ofThe Adventures Of in my heart, in spirit, in the About Me page and as an icon on my button but the title moving forward will beThe Adventures of Captain Fussypants and Little Miss.

In the last few weeks I’ve come to realize that I miss having a dog as a member of our family. Adding another pet to the mix is something I’ve given a lot of thought to since we lost Caleb the Wonder Dog but I just haven’t been ready.

On my birthday my family took me out to breakfast and in the span of an hour we met two different couples with puppies, who had also lost their goldens a few months before. Little Miss was gaga over the dogs. She goes gaga over any dog, really, even pictures of them. That day was the beginning of me thinking about adding a pet to our family.

My son’s preschool class has a question of the day that greets the children every morning. The parents read it and the child chooses their answer and signs their name under the answer they pick. On Friday, the question was “Do you have any pets at home?”.

Fussypants was the fourth child to arrive that day and at the time, the only one to sign his name under No. And I got a pain in my heart seeing that. And I realized how much I missed Wonder Dog and how much I miss having a pet.

Growing up we always had pets, from the time I was born. I think my freshman year at college was the only time I lived without a pet. I got Korby my sophomore year (the timing was so that I didn’t have to live in my sorority house, not a fan of minimal privacy and sleeping porches) and had her for 11 years, until 2001. I met my hunky husband in 1996, he had Hailey, and we had her until 2009. We got Caleb in 2000 and had him until 2011. Losing three dogs to old age in ten years sucks but the flip side of that is all the life we had with those pets in all those years.

I watch how happy my children are playing with my parents’s puppy and my mom-in-law’s dog and how excited Little Miss gets when she sees dogs in general. And I know I feel safer having a dog at home. It’s just not me to not have a pet. I’m ready.

I’d like to get a rescue dog, and have been searching petfinder.com. I’ve found a few who I could see being part of my family. Now I just need to convince my hunky hubby.

*I posted this using the updated wordpress app for iPad. Not all the bells and whistles as using my laptop but functional and efficient!*