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Little Miss, being cute

Little Miss is a mobile monster now that she’s figured out walking is fun. She still does the wide-leg toddle and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Here is some video of her being cute. For some reason, the sound doesn’t work on one video but the look on her face is too cute not to share.



I'm too cute to sit in my highchair, thank you very much

We are taking a mini family vacation Sunday-Wednesday and I’m planning on unplugging…no phone, no computer. No laundry, no traffic, no work stress…oh, I digress.

Anyway, I’m outta here! So have a happy Father’s Day and a nice weekend. Catch ya all next week!

Giving mom the cute face!

Little Miss being curious. Only a matter of time before she finds the toilet paper roll!


Baby steps

‘Walk this way…”

“These (baby) boot(ie)s were made for walking…”

Little Miss, the late bloomer, turned 13 months old yesterday and is not yet walking. BUT, she has been zipping around with her push and pull toy. She clearly enjoys being mobile and I’m sure will be walking on her own in no time.

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