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Wordful Wednesday: injuries but not on my watch

I went out of town (Sundance Film Festival, it was awesome and I’ll post pictures and recap later) and while I was gone I got a phone call from my kid’s school. Little Miss had bumped her head while playing with a friend and had a red mark on her forehead but was otherwise fine. Ok, great, not much I could do being that I was in Utah and all. A few hours later, the school called again to inform me that Fussypants had a mark under his eye, the teacher hadn’t seen what happened and he said it didn’t hurt but they deduced that a friend must have bumped him while playing outside. Again, relief, as I was in freaking UTAH. My folks were picking the kids up that day, so I told them what to expect so they would not be alarmed and sure enough, my mom called to let me know that Fussypants did indeed have a shiner and Little Miss did indeed have a red mark on her forehead. But Fussypants let me know that her hair covered it so you couldn’t really see it.

When I got home on Sunday, hunky hubby told me that Little Miss had taken a digger and cut her lip. Fussypants informed me there was blood.

On Monday, we figured that we’d better get Little Miss a passport and renew Fussypant’s (his expired on his 5th birthday) so we could take them with us on our Mexico vacation in March, being a family vacation and all.

After I had the photos taken, I realized they will, for the next five years, look like prizefighters with the cut lip and black eye.


In these pics, the shiner and cut lip are hard to see (circled), but in the real pics, you can tell!

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Cute face

Fussypants calls this his “cute face”.

Fussypants and his cute face

He usually makes it when he wants me to laugh or he wants a toy or a sugary treat.

My mother-in-law pulled out photo albums of my hubby’s childhood on Thanksgiving and when I saw this, it all fell into place.

Fussypants has never seen this photo, nor does his father make this face as an adult. But it must be in the genes.

Hunky hubby’s cute face (sorry the resolution isn’t better, it’s a old photo)

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Hockey Fever

My kids make me laugh. This was them, last night at the LA Kings game, between the 1st & 2nd period. They so think they are professional hockey players.

But then Little Miss saw the escalator and insisted her daddy take her up, then down.

Hubs tee says I Make Awesome Babies

And this is Fussypants, asleep in the car. He gets the mouth wide-open thing from me. We also both snore.

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Wordful Wednesday

When you are a parent, as happens, you take oodles and oodles of photos. Many times they take up residence on your camera, because, if you are like me, you post them to fb and your blog and always tell yourself you’re gonna back them up on your hard drive before deleting them but then never do.

I was looking through the gazillion images on my camera yesterday (how big is your memory card? That’s right, sometimes size does matter) and found this gem.

I remember taking this because the first pic I took was without flash, so as to not wake the kiddos, but it was too dark so I flipped on the garage light, opened the car doors and used flash (I’m such a good mom) to capture this rare moment of two sleeping kids who did not wake up as soon as we pulled into the garage.

But I cannot recall where we were coming back from. However, the caution tape, feather, and McDonald’s chocolate milk piques my interest. It looks like it was a good time.

And don’t ask what that thing is on Fussypant’s finger. He’s a collector, it could be anything.

Ah, sleeping children. Bliss.

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Wordful Wednesday

Little Miss is busy and curious like Fussypants, but much less cautious.

Little Miss also loves to swing!

Fussypants loves the water! Pool, beach, waterpark, shower, bath…where there is water, there you will find Fussypants.

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Baby steps

‘Walk this way…”

“These (baby) boot(ie)s were made for walking…”

Little Miss, the late bloomer, turned 13 months old yesterday and is not yet walking. BUT, she has been zipping around with her push and pull toy. She clearly enjoys being mobile and I’m sure will be walking on her own in no time.

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Wordful Wednesday: Morning girl

Little Miss is happy in the morning. Today, she woke at 5:30am. I put her in the sink while I applied make-up (after taking the faucet handles off so she wouldn’t get herself wet). She loved holding (and chewing) lipgloss and mascara tubes. She’s my girly.

Little Miss is a morning person

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Wordful Wednesday

The baby bookcase bandit strikes again!

I think Fussypants is going to like having a sister. When I asked him why he made such a mess, he said “I didn’t, it was her” and pointed to the bookcase bandit crawling away down the hall. Her work there was done.

Hunky hubby and Fussypants have the same shoes. I had no hand in those purchases.

Actually, I think it is kinda cute when they dress the same and can’t wait for me and my baby girl to have the same shoes. I’m totally that mom.

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Happiness is…

 Little Miss! She woke up bright and early and cheerful as can be. Just 10 days away until her first birthday and all she wants to do is stand up. Walking is next!
Happy Girl – only 10 more days until her first birthday!

Little Miss = Happiness - Click for video

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To read or not to read

You know what I miss? Wow, that is a loaded question, right? How about if I pose it like this…you know what I miss that pertains to the photo in this post?

I miss having time to read. You know what else I miss? My attention span.

Books, unfinished

I’ve got TEN, yes ten books right now that I have started but have not finished. And just to add more stress to my no-time, attention span-missing dilema, I started an 11th (Water for Elephants) on Monday because I want to read it before the movie comes out on Friday, April 22. Like that will happen. And it’s unlikely I’ll actually get to see the movie in the theater anyway. But this gal can hope.

In all honesty, some of these books are just not entertaining me thus I cannot bear to turn and read another page. I dislike not finishing books I’ve started, even if they are not my cup o’tea. But five of them are really good and so close to being done (I only have about 20 pages left) but because I suck at stringing together more than a few minutes for myself at a time I have yet to complete them.

Last weekend my husband, kids and dog were all asleep at the same time. Perfect chance to read, right? Well, I decided to take a nap instead. It was just too much of a lull, all that quiet. So I still have all those books, unfinished, patiently waiting…

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